Useful Information about Superconductors
Sectors where superconductors are used now:
Superconductivity is a quantum state on a macroscopic scale.

Superconductors differ fundamentally in quantum physics behaviour from conventional conductors in the manner by which electrons move through the material - in a sense, they move in pairs. It is this quantum behaviour on a macroscopic scale that is responsible for the unique properties and performance benefits that differentiate superconductors from all other known conductors.

                                 Unique Properties of Superconductors

                                    -  Zero resistance to direct current
                                    -  Extremely high current carrying density
                                    -  Extremely low resistance at high frequencies
                                    -  Extremely low signal dispersion
-  High sensitivity to magnetic field
-  Exclusion of external magnetic field (perfect diamagnetism)
-  Rapid single flux quantum transfer
-  Close to speed of light signal transmission
Prof. Heike Kamerlingh Onnes
the discoverer of superconductivity in 1911 in Leiden (Holland)
Perfect diamagnetism
First measurement - zero resistivity in mercury
Electron pairing
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room temperature superconductor
Phase diagram