We manufacture the world's first wires and cables superconducting at room temperature.

                    There is no need for cooling. No cryogenics - the same result.
Our wires will replace wires made of low-temperature and high-temperature superconductors, and in long term, copper and aluminium wires.

Thus, we are involved in the following sectors:

              -  Energy
              -  Electronics
-  Transportation
              -  Healthcare
              -  Environmental (huge reduction of CO2 emission)
-  and some other

Superconductivity is a quantum state on a macroscopic scale, that makes superconductivity a part of nanotechnology.

Room Temperature Superconductor

Room Temperature Superconductor

(source - SuperPower)
room-temperature superconductor

room temperature superconductor

room-temperature superconductor

room temperature superconductor
Sectors where superconductors are used today:
Advanced Quantum Polymer Technology Ltd
We have changed our name - we are now AQPT Ltd. Our previous name - AERI Ltd - was often confused with the US company having the same name.
AQPT Ltd stands for Advanced Quantum Polymer Technology Limited
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