About us
AERI Ltd was established in 2008 to develop and to manufacture wires and cables superconducting at room temperature. In 2020, we became AQPT Ltd.
AQPT Ltd is in Cambridge (UK).
Andrei Mourachkine is a serial entrepreneur having business education and experience. Physicist, an expert in high-temperature superconductors. Author of two books about superconductors, including the first book on the subject of room-temperature superconductivity (view the books). He has developed a method of making polymeric wires superconducting at room temperature.
Chemist with experience in academia and industry. Internationally recognized scientist in the areas of novel polymers, polymer formulations, functional polymers, liquid crystal materials. She has developed the second generation of the superconducting polymer films. Author of more than 160 papers in per-reviewed journals and 7 patents.
Dr. Anton Velichko, Chief Research Scientist
Physicist with 25 years' experience in the field of superconductivity.
Author of 50 publications, 3 topical reviews and 1 patent.
room temperature superconductor
Leonid Grigorov was a physicist, an expert in polymeric materials. He is the discoverer of polymeric films partially (in volume) superconducting at room temperature. He was awarded by a fellowship of the Russian Academy of Science for outstanding scientists. Author of a large number of scientific papers and 22 patents. He was a co-founder of AERI Ltd. He suddenly died in 2019.
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